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    StorageTek 6140 - Comm errors to Port B

      I'm trying to configure a "new to me" array I received from another site in my company. Drives were removed and trays separated from original controllers. I received 2ea controllers and 4 trays. Trying to set them up as mirrored units. I'm using CAMs 6.6.

      One we got up and communicating, upgraded FW and added drives.

      We can't upgrade 2nd unit FW (currently at - getting comm errors. We've done comm tests on Controller port A - successful, B - failed. You can ping port B's IP address. We've swapped cables going to A and B and B continues to fail. When we install a drive into any slot it comes up as disabled. The controller has an amber light lit in the front.

      Have set cntlr & trays all to 2gbps and installed only the 10k FC drives.