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    "OIP-04796 Unable to create object instance"

      I am using OO4O, version 3 for Oracle 8.1.7 on Windows with Visual Basic version 6.

      I am getting the intermittent errors "OIP-04796 Unable to create object instance" and also "Method createDynaset of _IOraDatabase failed" - I think both are related to one another and from the documentation for OO4O, "OIP-04796" relates to the client side object cache of the OraDatabase class. Reasoning that the client side object cache was too small I attempted to increase the relevant properties of the OraDatabase object using the following: -

      MyOraDatabaseObj.CacheOptimalSize = 400

      However, at run-time, this property of the OraDatabase object does not get set accordingly in the VB IDE and after several attempts I can't seem to set it. I have also tried setting the CacheMaximumSize property but to no avail.

      Can anybody indicate to me where I am going wrong and either with the setting of the above properties or with the error message in general if I am not on the right track with the cache properties. I don't suspect that it is my code because the problem "seems" to be intermittent.

      Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. If more info is required then just ask as this is pressing problem.


      Mark Grimshaw