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    PS OVM

      this is query regarding Oracle VM manager and ORACLE VM server ( what do i need VM manager for??) do i need OS or not?
      I am confused as in what do install first and do i run both.
      Also is it essential to OVM or i can use my already existing VM which has linux installed and continue with DB / app and web.

      Please detail out the steps for proceeding with PS OVM.

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          PSOVM needs an Oracle VM installation. Oracle VM is a bare-metal visrtualization software, it does not need any OS prior its installation onto a server which is dedicated to Oracle VM.
          Strictly speaking, you do not need Oracle VM Manager to make a PSOVM working, but if you are not very familiar with this tool, this is probably much easier, Oracle VM Manager offering you a GUI to make all your virtual machine with mouse clicks instead of command lines.
          Again, Oracle VM won't be installed on top of any OS, so regarding your third sentence, PSOVM will come instead of existing env onto your server, not in addition.
          I wrote several blogs entries regarding PSOVM, you could have a look out of there :


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