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    Solaris 10 09/10 install does not start

      Hello experts,

      I'm trying to install Sol 10 U9 on my x86_64 server. When I boot through the OS DVD, installation stops at
      "SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_xxxx 64-bit
      Copyright ...."
      It doesnt go beyind this point.

      I added -kdv to the kernel grub line.
      [0]> moddebug/W 0x80000000
      [0]> :c

      Found that the installation stops at
      "Load 'drv/i8042' id 87 loaded @ 0xffff.../0xfff... size 4784/496
      installing i8042, module id 87"

      There is no keyboard/mouse connected to this server.

      I'm stuck here and can't proceed any further.Any help here is highly appreciated.