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      Hi All,
      Anybody here supports developers raging from use of java,cobol,oracle forms,VB, .Net, etc,etc.

      I have a developer who has problem with his sql query inside a form program. She said the program when called does not return the result rows.
      But if she runs the program inside Sqldev or SqlPlus window and substitute the required parameters, It displays a result row.

      How do you handle this?
      Any idea from your experience with developers/programmers?

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          This forum is about Oracle Solaris Studio (previously Sun Studio), a program development system for C, C++, and Fortran. Studio includes a debugger and program analysis tools. (This specific forum is about the tools rather than the compilers.) Studio details are here:

          Forums for Oracle database:

          Forums for Java:

          Go to
          for a complete list of available forums.
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