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    To get the unmapped member in source data file

      Hi All,

      We are working on FDM version and loading the data in Essbase.

      I am able to successfully automate the data loading process. As mentioned in admin guide, by putting the source data file inside the Input/Batches/OpenBatch folder and running the BatchLoad script, data is successfully loaded into Essbase.

      Now, we have below further requirement-

      Source data file may have unmapped accounts during the automation process. We need to list of these unmapped accounts.

      I put some unmapped accounts in source file and place this file under the Input/Batches/OpenBatch folder. After running the batch script,
      As per process, source data file has moved from Openbatch. But no data has been loaded into Essbase.

      I checked in log file under Outbox/Logs folder. But, there is no error and it is showing all records have been processed successfully.

      I have searched the forum but could not fine much help on this.

      Please help me this. do we need to write any scripting for this.

      Any help will be appreciated.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Mohit Jain
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          When there are any unmapped members, the validate step fails and processing for that POV stops.

          There are 2 ways to address this. You can create a script that extracts the unmapped records (they are recorded during the batch cycle) or you can use the batch autocorrect option. This requires a new location to be set up with a default map for each mappable dimension. Any time FDM detects an unmapped member during a batch process, it will use the default mapping. There are more details in the admin guide.

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            Thanks Tony!!

            Can you please me how can I write a script for it. I am not getting any idea how to proceed on script writing.

            What I can understand, I should write a script on AftValidate event. But here how can I get the list of unmapped members. do we have any function for this.

            I am new to FDM. I request you to help me on this. your help will be appreciated a lot.

            Thanks & Regards,
            Mohit Jain
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              Kindly guide me on this problem. What logic, I can apply here to resolve this..

              Any help will be appreciated..

              Thanks & Regards,
              Mohit Jain
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                Hi I was wondering if you found a solution.

                if you run something in the AftValidate event i guess it will be too late as the validation will already have failed.

                maybe a script in the btachautomapcorrect would be a better idea...but it is just a guess as i have a similar issue.

                the last line of my like map is * to * but in the event of a new source account, validation will fail and automap won't take over...