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    'Contribute' to an item but then allow override

      Hi - i'm hoping someone can assist with the question below.

      When an Item Quantity is “Contributed” the contributed value can be increased but not decreased

      To define “Contributed” – this is when for example we may wish to quote a solution which provides say 3 different servers A,B,C with 6, 3, 1 quantity respectively. Thus Oracle will “Contribute” a suggested value of 10 units for say Power Cables.

      However, in this case the client may not always require a power cable for all of the servers and thus we would want to decrease the Quantity from 10 to 9. This is not possible – however, it is possible to increase the quantity from 10-11.

      The only workaround we have is to create an Integer feature for 'Power Cables'. A value contributed to an integar can be overridden, however, the maintenance becomes horrible.

      Any other suggestions very welcome.
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          Glyn --

          The solution you mention is the only way I am aware of to do what you want...having an IntegerFeature as an intermediate value, whereby your rules contribute a default value to the IntegerFeature, the user has visibility to and can increase or decrease the IntegerFeature value, and the IntegerFeature then contributes its value to the appropriate BOM Item.

          (The IntegerFeature must be defined with no Minimum value, or a Minimum that is less than zero, or else it is technically a CountFeature, and this approach will not work. If you need a Minimum value for the IntegerFeature that is equal to or greater than zero, it would need to be achieved with an additional Logic or Comparison Rule.)

          As you suggest, the maintenance becomes a challenge if the solution must scale to many such intermediate IntegerFeatures. But I am not aware of a better, less burdensome route.

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            Hi Glyn,

            You can reduce the quantity using "Consumes from" wherever it s required.
            Pls revert back if need more details.