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    Community Effort : ADF Faces Skinning Workflow Pattern

    Frank Nimphius-Oracle

      in the Blog entry below, I started the outline of a skinning work flow that should help new skin developers to walk on a beaten path instead of wasting their time in heading into the wrong direction. This thread here is to gather community feedback - including yours - of what steps should be added to this flow. Note that this entry is not for discussing skinning problems but sharing what has helped you in the past to build new skins. Its all about methodology (sorry Chris, I should have posted this on the EMG first, maybe you guys can chime in). Just in case, if there is an ER you see for the skin editor, start your post with ER - but make sure you stay realistic and focused ;-)


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          Chris Muir-Oracle
          That's one of the advantages of the EMG over the OTN forums. Here you've got to hope people chance over your post. On the EMG, it's mailed out to most of the 650 members (missing only those who opt out).

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            Hi Frank,

            A few questions, largely on ADF Skin Editor (Standalone) Vs JDeveloper R2

            1. In the ADF Skin Editor(ASE), the Images section of the editor, for a skin, shows up a blank screen with below entry in logs

            Dec 21, 2011 11:43:48 PM oracle.adfdtinternal.view.rich.skins.editor.imagizer.ImagesMetadata$DefaultColorProfileCache create
            INFO: ImagesMetadata: calculating base color: 494 ms.

            This works in JDeveloper R2 release though.

            2. While trying to extend fusion.desktop screen, I have observed, the version of fusion-desktop.css in ASE is vastly different from the fusion-desktop.css in JDeveloper R2.
            For instance : in R2's version of CSS I can not find the selectors for af|PanelBox light Background. (and thus missing the image files needed for light Background of a panelBox)

            The combination of both 1 and 2 above is acting as a roadblock in my attempt to create a custom skin for one of the Customer POC's, need to generate image files with custom colors to be used largely in layout components.

            Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

            Thank you.

            - Hemant