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    Make service availability

      To make a user for IM service and to successfully login to IM interface in convergence I do the following
      i) Assign this user to a IM related service package
      ii) Include a domain entry in httpbind.conf
      After I did the two steps above the user can successfully use IM for chat.

      A) But I cant remove that IM related ( IM Only ) service package from the DA. Ended with
      "service package remove failed" error msg in DA. Is this normal ?
      ( Delegated Administrator version 7 / IM version 8u2 )

      B) I found in IM / convergence documentation that there is no direct tool for managing IM
      related user privileges other than using AM Policy or IM ACL files.
      In my deployment no AM installed. I need the ability to enable/disable IM service for users
      as and when required as do the same for mail and calendar services. If service package remove does
      not work and as using the IM ACL files the only option is it a recommended practice to use IM ACLs for nearly
      200,000 of users ?

      C) How can I allow all the domains for IM service in httpbind.conf ?
      default.domains=* --------> Is this OK. ?
      With this I can allow IM for all domains by default and then control IM service for each user either using
      ACL files. No need to add an entry every time when a new domain is added to IM service.

      Thank you,