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how many optional allowed in the query?

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Data base is getting disconnected while running the below sparql query (Query with 9 optional conditions).

I tested the query with 5 optional its working fine but, its not working for more than 5 optional.

How many optional allowed in the query?

Please advice me to solve this problem.

Error Detail: ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

SELECT bi, OWNER,name,usage,notes,icto,app,ssd,ssdname,ssdid,sdname,sdarchitect,schedule
FROM TABLE (sem_match('{
?bi rdf:type di:Bulk_Interface .
?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceItOwner ?OWNER .
?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceName ?name .
?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceRecipientApplicationArea ?usage .
?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceRecipientFeederType ?notes .
?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceSupplierApplicationId ?icto .
?app ds:hasConceptualSourceApplicationIctoId ?icto .
?ssd ds:hasConceptualSourceApplication ?app .
?ssd ds:hasConceptualSourceSubdomainName ?ssdname .
?ssd ds:hasConceptualSourceSubdomainIctoId ?ssdid .
?sd ds:hasConceptualSourceSubdomain ?ssd .
?sd ds:hasConceptualSourceDomainName ?sdname .
?sd ds:hasConceptualSourceDomainArchitect ?sdarchitect .
?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceDeliverySchedule ?schedule
optional {?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceRecSet1AverageStorageRequirements ?avgsize}
optional {?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceWorstStorageRequirements ?maxsize}
optional {?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceRecSet1AverageNumberOfRecords ?avgrec}
optional {?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceAverageNumberOfRecords ?avgrec}
optional {?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceRecSet1WorstNumberOfRecords ?maxrec}
optional {?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceWorstNumberOfRecords ?maxrec}
optional {?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceTransferMethodJob ?job}
optional {?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceDataFileAvailability ?post}
optional {?bi di:hasBulkInterfaceBusinessDescription ?descr}
sem_models ('IFM_CURR', 'SRC_CURR'),
, NULL));

Let me know if you need any other details.


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