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    ZFS root filesystem & slice 7 for metadb (SUNWjet)

    Rachmat Febrianto-Oracle

      I'm planning to use ZFS root filesystem in Sun Cluster 3.3 environment, as written in documentation when we will use UFS share diskset then we need to create small slice for metadb on slice 7. In standar installation we can't create slice 7 when we install solaris with zfs root, then we can create it with jumpstart profile below :

      # example Jumpstart profile -- ZFS with
      # space on s7 left out of the zpool for SVM metadb
      install_type initial_install
      cluster SUNWCXall
      filesys c0t0d0s7 32
      pool rpool auto 2G 2G c0t0d0s0

      so, my question is : "when we use SUNWjet (JumpStart(tm) Enterprise Toolkit) how we can write the profile similar to above jumpstart profile"?

      Thanks very much, for your best answer.