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    HTTPS hostname wrong:  should be <getupdates1.sun.com>

      We cannot patch from our local patch server any more. Earlier this spring we had to re-register our LPS, patch the patching system and get the new certificate. Something must have changed AGAIN in July because we're broken for the second time. I've been through this forum and tried all the standard fixes to no avail. We need to be able to use our LPS because we cannot possible go to every server and re-register to point directly to Oracle. Nor do we want to download all our patches through Oracle.

      Our symptoms are this: LPS stopped working. Applied all the recommended patches per Oracle support. Patch server can patch itself now. However, any of our client servers cannot patch using our LPS. All clients fail with an error:

      HTTPS hostname wrong: should be <getupdates1.sun.com>

      I have manually applied the five recommended patches (for the patching system) to two client hosts and get same "HTTPS hostname wrong" error. Again, works fine when connecting directly to Oracle. So this either has to be a java/certificate problem or a bug in the latest patches. Maybe something is not configured properly on our LPS now. Any ideas?

      I have submitted "suc" files from the LPS and a client to support but this case is moving excruciatingly slow. I've got to get this fixed soon.