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    Announcement: Building RDF-based Advanced Data Visualization Applications

      Tom Sawyer Software announced Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 3.0, with Resource Description Framework (RDF) data integrator and social network analysis (SNA) support, for use in developing advanced data visualization applications for analyzing RDF data in semantic web projects. Although Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 3.0, was designed to support all RDF data sources, Tom Sawyer Software developed this product with Oracle Spatial and Semantic Technologies team so that it is tuned to work efficiently with Oracle Database Semantic Technology.

      In today's data-driven, dynamic, fast-paced world, it is more important than ever for organizations to have the tools to cut through the sea of information and better leverage their data assets. In response to this reality, the new product from Tom Sawyer Software combines the power of data visualization and analytics to enable organizations to gain faster insights into large and complex data sets in their extended enterprises. This release includes the first of a series of innovative features to help organizations go beyond pure data visualization. New features include the RDF data integrator and SNA capabilities. The RDF data integrator feature is targeted at organizations that are building visual data analysis applications using RDF data sources as part of their semantic web initiatives or as part of their composite data suite for social network analysis. The SNA feature is designed to enable organizations to tightly integrate sophisticated centrality analysis capabilities into their visual data analysis applications.

      Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of enterprise software and services for enabling organizations to build highly scalable and flexible data visualization and social network analysis applications.

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