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    apex Tomcat server is not running

      oracle version :10g
      apex Version :4.0
      OS :unix

      1.database server is working
      2.apex server down

      3.we increased tablespaces
      4.checked locked account also.

      every thing fine .

      but we cannot able to access server we are receving message
      unable to found server

      tomcat is not running .

      can you please help us to run tomcat .
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          I'm assuming that whoever installed the Apex Listener installed it under the Apache Tomcat application server. This isn't officially supported by Oracle, but it does work. You start Tomcat by executing "startup.bat" in its bin directory on Windows or "startup.sh" on Linux or other Unix-like OSes. In Windows, it will keep running as long as the command window is open (but you can minimize it) or I believe there is a way to set it up as a service - I'm not a Windows guru. In *nix, you can add an ampersand to the command to keep it running in background, or set it up to run as a daemon.

          Altogether, you probably need someone to learn more about how to run Tomcat if the person who set it up for you is no longer available. There is plenty of information on-line - just use Google or Bing.
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            can you reach the Tomcat's "homepage" at all? The error message indicates that you client is unable to reach the server. You should check your firewalls, name services, etc. to make sure there is no networking issue blocking the access.
            Or is this error message part of the error log of the Tomcat?
            If that's the case, could you please provide some additional information on your Tomcat version, APEX Listener version, JDK version, and could you post the catalina.out up to the point where you are trying to access the APEX Listener the first time?