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    Can I use coupons that are used only once?


      ¿Cómo puedo crear un cupón que sólo se puede utilizar una vez?
      No quiero usar la propiedad de las promociones para usar sólo una vez por si a caso quiero volver a dar la promoción al mismo cliente en el futuro...
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          Chris Boyke-Oracle
          Single-use coupons are not supported out of the box – the way to support this would be to extend the user profile to track whether a coupon had been used, and modify the coupon-handling code to check this before allowing the user to redeem a coupon.
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            karthik chopperla
            At one of my client places, we created another repository to maintain burnt list of coupons and customized handleClaimCoupon() to check the burnt list before allowing user to claim the coupon. That way a coupon cannot be claimed by any user(or same user) if someone already has claimed it.

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              I am also facing the same scenario:
              From web site user create an order with some item. he has not applied the coupon code when he submit an order through site.
              After that he is calling CSR to modify his order. that time is applying promo code (coupon code) . here it not appying that promo code for an order.
              insted of that it throwing exception like below.

              root cause of exception: CONTAINER:atg.commerce.claimable.ClaimableException; SOURCE:atg.commerce.CommerceException: Order does not qualify for promotion. A coupon can only be used for an order that qualifies for it.

              wen entering the coupon code from CSC it taking the coupon code and calling the OOTB method. CouponFormHandler.handleClaimCoupon(). There itself its throwing exception without returning to my code.

              Hope this will be a open issue from ATG side. Could you please any one confirm me. also is there anyway to handle this from my code.


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                Hi Lenin,

                Couple of scenarios it will happen :

                1. Coupon code doesn't have promotion id (id not associated any coupon doe it has to show this kind of error.)
                Or Promotion Having the date not set to the proper manner it will shows like error.

                2. Profile doesn't support global Promotoins and any Local promotion running or not we have to verify profile Level also.

                couple of way we have to verify and than confirm the OOTB issue.