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    Error page for a custom OAF page in e-Biz

    Rudoph Wang
      Hi, All
      I developed a simple custom search page and deployed it to e-Business (version 12.1.3). I runs well in jDeveloper at the client. This is the steps I did:
      1) zip <JDEV_USER_HOME>\myclasses\xx
      file structure:
      2) load to application tier $JAVA_TOP
      3) chmod -R 775 $JAVA_TOP/xx
      4) copy History.xml to
      5) $APPL_TOP/xx/mds/webui
      6) import MDS: java oracle.jrad.tools.xml.importer.XMLImporter $XX_TOP/mds/webui/HistoryPG.xml -username apps -password apps -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=db_host)(PORT=1521))(CONNECT_DATA= (SERVICE_NAME=$TWO_TASK) (INSTANCE_NAME=$TWO_TASK)))" -rootdir $XX_TOP/mds -rootPackage /xx/oracle/apps/xx
      7) after import completed, bounce the web server
      8) reqister a function in e-Biz
      Type: SSWA jsp function
      HTML Call: OA.jsp?page=xx/oracle/apps/xx/mem/server/HistoryPG
      9) put the function in a menu.

      When I launch the page, I got error "Error Page You have encountered an unexpected error. Please contact the System Administrator for assistance.

      I would be appreciated if anyone can point out which step missed or is incorrect.