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    Monitoring OpenMQ metrics

      Monitoring tools such as Tivoli, Panorama etc can monitor JMX metrics in app servers.

      However, when I hook JConsole to my Glassfish server, I see practically no monitorable metrics.
      Is there something I need to set to make OpenMQ (and Glassfish) MBean metrics available?

      In my JBoss server with ActiveMQ I have many metrics available.


      -- Frank
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          for connecting jconsole to GlassFish MQ broker

          for connecting jconsole to GlassFish server
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            I loked at the references you provided and I don't see anything that tells me how to find any monitoring metrics for OpenMQ queues.

            I can connect JConsole fine and find the queues, but there are no monitoring metrics such as arrival rates, service times, etc.

            The product has this information and I can dispaly summaries of it wth the imqcmd, but I don't see any of this information exported as JMX metrics.
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              Nigel Deakin-Oracle

              Not all the monitoring information available via imqcmd is available via JMX. I agree it would be desirable if it was.