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    Forms 10g and Java 7 (1.7) problems

      We have been using the no longer supported 10gr1 forms ( for some time now with no problems with sun java plugin up to version 6 (1.6.x). When we tried to use Java 7 (1.7) the forms server does not seem to find the plugin and gives a wrong jinit level error. We do not use jinit so maybe it's a classid problem with Java 7? It's not a showstopper as if we can keep our users on 9.0.4 forms we can certainly keep them on 1.6 Java :-)

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          The Oracle JRE 1.7 has not been certified for use with Oracle Forms Applications yet. When it is certified, you can bet that Forms 9.0.4 will not be included in that certification. It would be best to stick with the version of Java currently works with your application.

          It is interesting that you are trying to be bleeding edge with your JRE, but you are still using Oracle Developer Suite 10g R1 (9.0.4)! ;-)

          Craig B-)

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            Thanks for the reply, I am not on the bleeding edge of the JRE front, it's those pesky users out there who think that newest is best. Also java is obnoxious (like Adobe) about pestering for updates. I still run a machine with OS/2 Warp on it, so sad that Windows won the battle.

            As far as forms upgrades we have installed 10gr2 on a test server and it really didn't seem to make much difference so we haven't migrated yet. Oracle has not released a BI-Forms install version since 10gr2 and we do not want to install the full app server version. The BI_Forms/Reports install for 10G was a godsend. If they ever release that small install we would move to 11g I presume. The Java 7 problem also seems to affect 10gr2 forms as our govt. credit card management software is written in 10gr2 and it too seems to fail with Java 7, albeit with a different error, -q
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              Christian Erlinger
              To reach the maximum of incompability you should try forms 9.0.4 running on a windows server 2008 with java 7 on an internet explorer 10 beta or something on the client to make sure nothing ever was tested with each other.

              Jokes aside, forms 9.0.4 is desupported so the chance it ever will work with java 7 are...let's just say it's more likely that hell freezes over.
              Forms 10.1.2 is supported until 2012, so the chance that it will work are much higher then for forms 9.0.4.
              New Versions of a Software are not only released because new features are added, but eventually some bugs are fixed too. A barenaked installation is a horror; I have about 10 patches on top of to apply so our application runs smooth. I remember the 9i times. They were not funny at all. So Adobe and Java are pestering about updates for a reason. And I sure as hell would let Acrobat get his updates as there are more exploits with old acrobat versions out there as you can count.
              So you better go with the time, and do upgrades bit by bit unless you want to have a big time consuming migration project, because the software you are running is for 10 years desupported and you need to go up to the newest version.
              I still run a machine with OS/2 Warp on it, so sad that Windows won the battle.
              Windows is not the only OS out there; there are many up to date OS much better then Windows. I moved to Ubuntu 4 years ago, and I am all happy without Windows. OK, I have to admit I recently set up a Windows 7 to be able to play Duke Nukem Forever. Had to be done ;-)

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                it's those pesky users out there who think that newest is best.
                That's what Windows Group Policies (GP) are for! ;-) We have a GP that turns off the Java Updater as well as other GP's that prevent users from installing unauthorized software.

                I've seen one or two threads in the forum about Java 7. As I recall, the classid was part of the cause. I believe I came across a thread where the author said they got Forms working with Java 7. Unfortunately, if you configure your system for Java 7 you will force all users of your app to upgrade.

                It's a shame that Java 7 doesn't behave like Java 6 in that, the runtime would "step-down" to the specified version in the formsweb.cfg.
                I still run a machine with OS/2 Warp on it, so sad that Windows won the battle.
                Is IBM still producing OS/2? I've used OS/2 Warp in the past - like 10+ years ago. I liked it, but I like Windows 7 a whole lot better!

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                  There's more to be concerned about with java 7 than your cited issues. It was revealed in
                  manyy places correctly or incorrectly that certain optimization features ran incorrectly and that had been true at least from java 6 but the optimizations had not been set as the default until 7.
                  Now does any of this jdk stuff affect the jre? I have no idea. But it doesn't make it sound like
                  a good idea to install it.
                  The vendor needs to realize that they do not have some of the advantages of other deployments
                  such as dot net. Dot net managed to get the multiple version thing in people's heads from the
                  beginning. Dot net patches are depoloyed by many methods including windows updates. Microsoft can update dot net 1 while the machine retains all intermediate dot net versions. Microsoft was very careful about not blowing away it and other's deployed applications with ill conceived updates. Windows machines may have dot net 2, dot net 3, dot net 3.5, dot net 4.... all installed and happily coexisting.
                  The world accepts that there are applications that use these various versions.

                  The same did not happen with java. The world got the idea that if a new jre came out the old ones should go as a security requirement. There was no concept that the vendor was deploying
                  and keeping up various jre's at the same time. And now there is no well-known concept out there that the jre 6 is still being updated and jre7 is a new option. Everyone should not get rid of 6 and install 7. One might think that as one of the world's largest deployers of java apps that the vendor also having control of java would put something in the jre to handle it like the jre 7 has a jre 6 compatibility mode. But we see no indications that that is the case.
                  As we can see, for some unknown reason the vendor is the one is most responsible for
                  this problem.
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                    I can confirm that Forms 9i doesn't work with Java 7, I get the JInit error as well.

                    Java 6u31 works fine, just not Java 7.

                    Note that AS10g (904) is not supposed to rely on the JRE, you kind of have to force it to stop relying on JInitiator.

                    I liked OS/2 as well, used 2.0 (buggy) and 2.1 at home, ran Civilization 10x faster than on Windows 3.1 for some reason, the chits would blink really fast.
                    IBM doesn't sell OS/2 anymore, they gave up on it, sold it to eCommstation mostly for banking machines I think. Since then, I've seen Blue Screens of Death on Royal Bank machines here in Canada, 5+ years ago. Fewer now, maybe they upgraded from NT 4.0 to something newer.
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                      Christian Erlinger
                      The latest bundle patch for forms (12434141) resolves the issue with the error message at startup with JRE7. It isn't certified, and I didn't test further but at least it will start up. Of course this doesn't apply for forms 9i as this version is desupported for some time.

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                        Hi Christian,

                        I installed this patch (Patch 12434141: CPUJUL2011 TRACKING BUG FOR APPLICATION SERVER WINDOWS 32BIT) on one of my win 2003 servers and found that it made no difference to the Java 7 situation.

                        It still comes up with the error :

                        "FRM-92095: Oracle JInitiator version too low. Please install version or higher"

                        when I use the Java 7 JRE to access the forms application on this server.

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                          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                          First, the CPU patch would not fix such a problem. Second, why are you trying so hard to make this work? It is not certified or supported except possibly if using Oracle EBusiness. Not to suggest that you use Oracle Support, but the point is that we (Oracle) know there are issues running JRE7 with Forms 10.... why struggle to make it work? Version 10 has been out since around 2005 or 2006. It is at least 6 years old and is in its end-of-life cycle and no longer entitled to Error Correction. Likely it is time to consider upgrading to a current version like 11.1.2 ;)

                          In order to get this working in Forms 10, you would need to install several patches in this order:

                          1. Install the Forms Bundle patch 9593176
                          2. Follow the included ReadMe and install the recommended patches noted in that doc
                          3. Install 13685884

                          The total number of patches that will get installed will vary depending on exactly where you currently are, but it will be at least 3 if you include the fact that you also need to patch oPatch (which is mentioned in the Readme).
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                            I'm not struggling to make it work, it was just pointed out by a colleague that someone had posted that applying this patch allowed Java 1.7 to work with Forms 10G and it wasn't too much trouble for me to try this out on a test server.

                            Personally I'm more than happy to wait for a version of Forms 11G that officially supports Java7, hopefully this will come before Java7 becomes the default download on java.com.
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                              Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                              Because Forms 10 is no longer entitled to Error Correction support and the general ending of support is not too far away, moving to 11.1.2 is probably a good plan. As for supporting JRE7, internal discussions are still ongoing, but hopefully a decision will be made soon. Remember that currently, no Forms version is supported with JRE 7
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                                dear sir i am using forms10g R2..

                                or tell me 11g forms in which browser run ?
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                                  Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                                  Certifications for version 10 can be found here:

                                  Certifications for 11.1.x can be found here:
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                                    I started this thread a while back and wonder if there is any new information on forms 10 (even 9.04) and Java 7. I see now that Java 7 is the default download and so our users are going to be prompted to update. I realize forms 10 is approaching death but in many respects Oracle has made progression to 11 difficult. There is no BI Forms and Reports version of 11 and so those of us who relied on the BI version had no easy upgrade path. Also against our wishes we are leaving Oracle forms in the next year so that is even less incentive to upgrade. So is there any hope for forms 10 and Java 7. I can upgrade to 10gr2 if that makes a difference but I have not so far upgraded as after evaluating 10gr2 I see no significant improvement over 9.04 and perhaps even some peculiarities with loss of cursor at times and unexpected copy/paste issues so our users actually wanted to go back to 9.0.4.

                                    So Forms upgrade has been less than appealing, first 10gr2 offered nothing over 9.0.4 and no Forms 11 BI upgrade path. So again is there a hope for Forms 10 and Java 7? -Quinn
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