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    PDK Struts Form submission issue

      We have a portal application (struts based) running on 10.1.2 (java 1.4). We had to compile the portal component in Java 1.5 and we deployed in OC4J
      Portal is up and running but we face few issues related to Form Submission. When I change a text box element and submit, the pages just reloads but it doesnt call the action classes and update the DB. (same code works fine in 10.1.2) the URL gets trunctaed where in the page id and other param gets removed.

      Initially we faced a issue in javascript when the elements rendered through PDK tag lib were not recognized by Javascript, Since the name attribute was appended by page identifier and bindings. I resolved using getelementby ID in Javascript.
      <input type="hidden" name="*_piref293_2285017_293_2277221_2277221*.ACTION_TO_BE_PERFORMED" value="change" id="id_ACTION_TO_BE_PERFORMED">

      On view source of the page, In the form submission element, I see a element strutsaction also appended by this page identifier. Is this causing the error for not submitting the form?

      <form name="manageCaseForm" method="post" action="_https://porttest1.abc.com/portal/page"><INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="_pageid" value="293,2277221" />
      <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="_dad" value="portal" />
      <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="_schema" value="PORTAL" />
      <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="caseId" value="156234" />
      <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="*_piref293_2285017_293_2277221_2277221*.strutsAction" value="ManageCaseAction.do" />

      Is there any way where we can configure not to have these bindings to the PDK element?
      Can someone help me on this issue?
      Is there any change from OC4J 10.1.2 and 10.1.3 in the way PDK has to be used?