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    punchout model 4 loginRequest to supplier and iproc user informations


      Before make a choice of best punchout model to implement with IProcurement and suppliers:

      I have a question about the "loginRequest" sent to supplier by Exchange in model 4 (Punchout from Oracle iProcurement to Supplier-Hosted Catalog via Oracle Exchange (XML)):

      Is the value of field "<UserName>" (or "<AppUserName>") comes from IProcurement or from Exchange ?

      The Oracle documentation is not very clear about this (Part No. B13856-01)...:
      +"generates the loginRequest XML document in an HTTP request using the POST format. The document includes the site-level password that the supplier requires to access its Web catalog, the Oracle iProcurement return URL, and the Oracle iProcurement *USER and COMPANY details* that were in the initial loginRequest from Oracle iProcurement to Oracle Exchange."+
      +<userName> Required+
      +For a punchout initiated from Oracle iProcurement, this is the full name of the requester (for example, Green, Mr. Terry). For a punchout initiated from Oracle+
      Exchange, this is the full name of the Exchange buyer."+