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    how to seed n clear cache of obiee

      Is it possible to seed n clear cache of obiee 10g using pl/sql code? wht are other method except ibot to seed cache?
      ETL is based on pl/sql..so how to manage cache after etl load?
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          Deepak Gupta
          OBIEE has NQCMD utility to handle the cache best. Use this utility to Purge & Seed the cache. You will have to copy the report sql which you want to seed into a text pad and use that as source to NQCMD utility to run query and populate the cache entry.

          Purging is very easy here...and same goes for seeding.

          Like SeedTableCache.txt which will have your SQL scripts. Once this is used via NQCMD which can be scheduled using Job Manager or any other job.
          nqcmd -d AnalyticsWeb -u Administrator -p Administrator -s c:\obiee\SeedTableCache.txt


          Hope this helps