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    how to make ses11g failover

      hi experts,

      I am new to SES, I installed the latest ses11g, during installation, I found it's quite an automatic process, there was seldom intervention needed, and I briefed the admin guide, I found some questions here:

      1. How to use Oracle RAC with SES?
      Seems during installation, there is no way to do it
      After installation, change jdbc pool from wls console to point to a rac url? but how to migrate tables already created during installation? migrate it by using db export/import tool?
      2. Can we use 2 wls with 1 backend oracle db instance?
      This is a typically failover scenario, but I didn't find document for this. To implement it, I can install another SES, then change the second wls admin server to use database which is used by the first admin server, is this a doable approach?

      Best regards

      Lan Liu