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    Contour Analysis For image Recognition

      i need to develop a GUI that takes an image as an input and does contour analysis on the image n extract the feature from test sample compare it with the stored templetes

      And should display on the image to part does tat part of image belong to with there dimension.

      Help me out with the coding process


      i will start up with a Gui creation for the contour analysis process.
      kindly help me with the exact coding or process required.........
      Should i use Contour analysis n templates matching method or should i use feature extraction with some classifiers(Neural Network/K nearest neighbor).
      as i am a beginner kindly guide me the best way...
      cos my goal is to take in a Aerospace engine as input image and recognize different parts(HPT DISC n COMBUSTION DISC....) in it with dimensions.

      link is a code in .net....
      i have to build a software in JAVA.