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    Can stream "capture process" skip an archivelog?

      DB:, on Windows 2003 SP2 32-bits

      A stream capture component in our database is stuck reading one the archive log file, and status in the v$streams_capture view is 'CREATING LCR' . It is not moving at all.

      I think, the archivelog is corrupted and will guess skipping from reading the log can help??

      Any idea?
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          Did you check the alert.log file?

          What does this show:
          select capture_name, status from dba_capture;
          Check this out:



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            Dear user, thanks for your inputs.

            I have found a long running transaction where I had to make the Capture to ignore this x-action and re-start.

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              Find the transaction identifier in the trace file; for example in this trace the transaction is '0x000a.008.00019347'
              Convert it from hex to decimal; in this example '0x000a.008.00019347' will be '10.8.103239'.

              Example of trace file:
              ++++++++++++ Dumping Current LogMiner Lcr: +++++++++++++++
              ++ LCR Dump Begin: 0x000007FF3F75D8A0 - cannot_support
              op: 255, Original op: 255, baseobjn: 74480, objn: 74480, objv: 1
              DF: 0x00000003, DF2: 0x00000010, MF: 0x08240000, MF2: 0x00000000
              PF: 0x00000000, PF2: 0x00000000
              MergeFlag: 0x03, FilterFlag: 0x01
              Id: 1, iotPrimaryKeyCount: 0, numChgRec: 0
              NumCrSpilled: 0
              RedoThread#: 1, rba: 0x000604.00014fd2.014c
              scn: 0x0000.36a4b03c, (scn: 0x0000.36a4b03c, scn_sqn: 1, lcr_sqn: 0)xid: *0x000a.008.00019347*, parentxid: 0x000a.008.00019347, proxyxid: 0x0000.000.00000000, unsupportedReasonCode: 0,
              ncol: 5 newcount: 0, oldcount: 0
              LUBA: 0x3.c004eb.8.8.122f2
              Filter Flag: UNDECIDED
              ++ KRVXOA Dump Begin:
              Object Number: 74480 BaseObjNum: 74480 BaseObjVersion: 1

              Then stop the capture process and execute the following procedure:
              exec dbms_capture_adm.set_parameter('your_capture_process_name','_ignore_transaction','your_transaction_id_in_decimal_notation');
              Now you can restart the capture process and it will ignore the tx.