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    OCCI and Visual Studio 2010


      I learn to use OCCI and build my program (C++) in VS10. But I can't build the code. It seems my set up is wrong (linker). Can someone with this experience tells me the spesific steps to set up the linker? Thanks a lot.



      My progrom is simple,

      int main()
           oracle::occi::Environment* environment;
           oracle::occi::Connection *con;
           oracle::occi::Statement* stmt;
           oracle::occi::ResultSet* res;

      environment = oracle::occi::Environment::createEnvironment(oracle::occi::Environment::DEFAULT);

      return 0;

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          his forum is for discussion of C++ programming in general, and the use of the Sun/Oracle C++ compiler that is available on Solaris and Linux.

          Your question is about programming specifically for the Oracle database on Windows. I suggest you try one of the database programming forums at