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    Available resource monitoring tools


      Hi I'm evaluating my option to monitor resource utilisation by domains. The categories I'm interested in are CPU, Mem, Disc and I/O utilisation. What monitoring tools exist? Searching the web, I've seen Without having access to an oracle server, yet, the resource categories of sample output of 'xm list' I've seen so far only contained CPU and mem utilisation but not any I/O (disk or net). Is this correct? And what options have I got to monitor these resources as finely as possible?

      Best regards and thanks for your help
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          Would you like to perform the monitoring from control domain or guest domains? If you do the monitoring inside guest domain, then I guess you can use SNMP tools for the job. I've used Orca and SEtoolkit inside guest domains (they don't use SNMP) but they are a bit outdated for that use. You might also take a look at Zabbix.

          I don't know what tools exists for collecting information from control domain (which would require less work and less installed clients etc.). Maybe some custom scripting with SNMP.