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    Automatic Test Cases


      I have a composite web service that call Data adapter .My problem is that i want to use automatic test cases for the data Adapter


      Data adapter perform insert operation in database custID (unique Id)

      If I run test case once it works fine.

      At a later stage is development i want to run the same test case again it gives me error as CustId already exist in data base.

      I want to run test cases that does not perform commit operation to the database.

      Kindly help is this regard.

      Rizwan Ahmed Vohra
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          Pierluigi Vernetto
          in the past I have used a wonderful tool called unitils, it includes also dbunit

          there is a learning curve but the documentation is good

          the idea is that each test should clean up the tables it uses before it is run

          I have never tried NOT committing the data in the DB during the tests, I am not sure if it is a good practice.
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