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    Spatial Data Replication

      I have a MASTER-MASTER (Oracle 10.2- Oracle 11-2) and MASTER-MATERIALIZED-VIEW (Oracle 10.2- Oracle 10.2) replication with spatial tables (column of type SDO_GEOMETRY) and non-spatial tables.
      For a "normal" table , lets call it NOT_SPATIAL, a package NOT_SPATIAL$RP is created, for all tables with spatial data no packages are created.
      For every package/procedure we find entries in the ALL_ARGUMENTS view, in the DEFCALL view we find in the column PACKAGENAME with NOT_SPATIAL$RP and column PROCNAME with REP_INSERT.
      For any spatial table in DEFCALL the PACKAGENAME is the table name (i.e. PACKAGENAME='MY_SPATIAL_TABLE'), there are no entries in the ALL_ARGUMENTS -view.
      Can anybody explain what is the differende in replication between "normal" and "spatial" tables?