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    Postgresql to Oracle migration

      hi all,

      I am very new DBA and at the starting only i have been assigned a task to migrate postgres 9.0 database to ORacle 11gR2, tried using ESF it only mkigrates Data, but not the complete databases.
      I have no idea where to start the migration from what are the prerequisites and what about the Application migration. Please letme know if there is any step by step process to do so documented some where, OR else if anyone can help me with the same, that would be great.

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          We don't have a migration tool that supports the migration of Postgres.
          For help on how to start the migration have a look at this note in My Oracle Support -

          How To Migrate Non-Oracle Databases For Which A Migration Workbench Option Is Not Available (Doc ID 393760.1)

          You should also review the section -

          Finding More Help: Oracle Migration Partners and Support

          on the SQL*Developer Migration Workbench site at -


          which has links to further help especially for the non-Oracle databases not covered by the migration workbench.