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    P6 Claim Digger Issue - access is denied

      I couldn't use P6 claim digger since access is denied. I'm using P6.7 standalone version.

      The following is error message.

      an application event has been intercepted. ID 914162.1
      event code: AID-3473-B
      Type: EOleException
      Description: Access is denied

      Please let me know how to solve this. Thanks in advance.
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          We are having the same issue. Here is the report it generates
          I have found this that seems to point to the same issue, however not very helpful in resolving it.

          Any help at all would be awesome.

          * EXCEPTION REPORT *
          Date: 28-Dec-11

          Executable: PM.exe
          Application: Primavera P6 Project Management
          Event Code: AID-3473-B
          Access is denied

          1: TfrmUsers.vqsUsersRowChange
          2: TfrmUsers.DoPopupUsers
          3: TfrmMain.actAdminUsersExecute
          4: TfrmMain.actProjectsExecute
          5: TCFormManager.SetToolbar
          6: TfrmLogin.FormCreate

          Type: EOleException
          Object Type: TfrmMain

          System Info
          Username:*edited out* Hostname: edited out
          OS Version: Windows NT ver 5.2, build 3790, Service Pack 2 (Intel Pentium)
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            Below are some general questions that may help me shed some light on your issue:

            1.) Do you utilize LDAP or native PPM authentication?
            2.) Is Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server being utilized to access PPM?
            3.) Are you a local administrator on the PC PPM is being launched from? (If Citrix or Terminal Services is in use the answer is likely NO)
            4.) Does this fail for all users or only certain ones?
            5.) Does it crash on launch (ie: right after clicking Tools>ClaimDigger) or when trying to run an actual schedule comparison?
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              I figured it out.

              Incorrect privileges to the following directory is granted to the user:
              •     If using versions 5.0 to 7.0: \Program Files\Common Files\Primavera Common\Java
              •     If using version 8.0: C:\Program Files\Oracle\Primavera P6\P6 Professional\Java
              •     If using version 8.1: C:\Program Files\Oracle\Primavera P6\<P6 Optional Client or P6 Professional>\Java
              •     If using version 8.2: C:\Program Files\Oracle\Primavera P6\P6 Professional\Java