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    IOException: Premature end of POST data

      Hi, I have a web application with Java 5 / Struts 1.2.4 running on OAS 10g. I have this error when I tried to get any option of the application. The application is deployed in Tomcat, Websphere, JBoss, Glassfish but it fails only in OAS.

      This is the error trace:
      es.IOException: Premature end of POST data
      es.com.megasoft.erp.seguridad.acceso.MenuLauncherAction.execute (MenuLauncherAction.java:63)

      This is the code of MenuLauncher.java:

      public class MenuLauncherAction extends GenericaDispatchAction {
          private final static String SHC_LOG = "<L>";
          private final static String SHC_CVS = "<V>";
          private final static String FWD_ERROR = "error";
          private final static String FWD_DEFAULT = "default";
          private final static String FWD_MODULOS = "modulos";
          private static final String FWD_APPLOG = "appLog";
          private static final String FWD_CVS = "controlVersion";
          public ActionForward execute(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception {
              Connection conn = null;
              // El forward corresponde a posicón 0 url a donde debe ser enviado o FWD_ a traducir el campo 1 indica si debe mapearse o no.
              String[] forward = new String []{FWD_DEFAULT, "S"};
              try {
                  String sessionId = request.getSession().getId();           
                  conn = UtilDAO.getConnection(getActiveDataSource(request));
                  UserPrincipal principal = UserEnvironment.getPrincipal(request);
                  String grupo = request.getParameter("grupo");     /*APPLICATION FAILS IN THIS LINE*/
                  String modulo = request.getParameter("modulo");
                  String permiso = request.getParameter("permiso");
                  String shortcut = request.getParameter("shortcut");
                  String usuario = UserEnvironment.getLogin(request);
                  Integer empresa = UserEnvironment.getEmpresa(request).getCodigo();
                  if (!ApplicationUtil.nullOrEmpty(grupo)){
                      SeguridadService segService = (SeguridadService) getServiceLocator().getService(SeguridadService.class); 
                      segService.modifyEmpresaPerfil(principal, shortcut, grupo, log, conn);
                  boolean isModulo = !nullOrEmpty(modulo);
                  boolean isPermiso = !nullOrEmpty(permiso);
                  boolean isShortcut = !nullOrEmpty(shortcut);
                  if(isPermiso) {
                      forward = per(empresa, usuario, permiso, principal, sessionId);
                  } else if(isModulo) {
                      mod(empresa, usuario, modulo, principal);
                  } else if(isShortcut) {
                      forward = shc(empresa, usuario, shortcut, principal, sessionId, conn);
                  } else {
                      throw new ValidationException("Parametro incorrecto", "error.menuLauncher.parametros", null);
              }catch (ValidationException e) {
                  log.addMessage(e.getKey(), e.getParams(), ApplicationLog.MSG_USER);
              } catch(Exception e) {
              } finally {
              return new ActionForward(forward[1].equalsIgnoreCase("S")?mapping.findForward(forward[0]).getPath():forward[0]); 

      I have a javascript code that builds all urls of the application, this is the javascript code:

      function loadOptionMenu(context, grupo){
           var cargarUrl = false;
           var urlTpw = document.getElementById("urlTpw");
           var btnShortcut = document.getElementById("btnShortcut");
           var url = context + "/menu.do?";
           if (urlTpw!=null && urlTpw.value!=''){
                url =  urlTpw.value + '&';
                cargarUrl = true;
                url += "shortcut=" + btnShortcut.value.toLowerCase();
           if (grupo!=null && grupo!=""){
                url += "&grupo=" + grupo;
           //alert('URL a cargar: ' + url);
           if (cargarUrl){
                cargar(url, true);

      Finally code above builds an url in this way:



      I had been googling about error, in this post http://en.allexperts.com/q/JSP-Java-Server-3299/Question-request-class.htm answered a possible solution. I don't know if the order of the parameters in the url and the way that it were called is important. it must be? may be another cause?

      Thanks for your help
      Fernando G.