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    What is difference between GL and PA period common and GL and PA period is

      Hi Experts,

      Can you please help me in understanding the difference between having common PA and GL period and uncommon PA and GL period. I am only aware of common PA and GL period where in implementation option there is one check box which need to check to make sure that you are using common PA and GL period.
      As per my understanding, if u open the GL period in GL module then you can able to copy those GL period in PA module.
      So once you open the GL period in PA module accordingly your PA period will also get open.
      Please confim my understanding is correct or not.
      On the other hand how is uncommon PA and GL period works? I mean in which buisness scenario you will use uncommon PA and GL period?
      Also what is the hierarchy you have to follow in order to open GL and PA period in PA module? Is it something different from common PA and GL period?
      Also In case of uncommoan GL and PA period, if the GL period for month MAY-11 is closed in GL module but present as future in PA module then what will be the impact of the transaction unposted to GL in month of MAY-11?

      Any help on this topic is appreciated.

      and Thanks in Advance :-)
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          Dina Rotem

          Your understanding of the common GL and PA period is correct. That means the period start date and end date are the same in both modules. You open a period in GL and it is open for PA as well. You can close the period in PA, so no new transactions will hit that period in PA. On the same time that period may still be open in GL, in case you need to capture journals from other sources or enter manual journals directly in GL. You should not close a period in GL before closing it in PA, AP, AR, PO etc... You can expect to see that for most PA transactions, the value of the PA period and the GL period are the same.

          Some companies manage projects by weekly periods and not by months. In that case, the PA periods are separate and different from the monthly GL periods. You need to open and close the periods independently in each of the modules. A transaction will get to separate attributes, the PA period value and the GL period value.

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            Hi Dina,
            I tried to tick the check box - 'Maintain common PA and GL periods' in the Implementation Options Form.
            But it gives a message - 'The Period Type and Calendar of the PA Period does not match the Period type and Calendar of the corresponding GL Period'

            More over I am not getting the 'PA Period Type' field automatically populated on choosing the Summarization Period Type field as 'GL Period' on the same form.
            Can you please let me know how to proceed?