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    Customizing Apex'JS function 'popupFieldHelp'


      I would like to add sort of popup screen to the value in one column of a table in Apex (like the help box on standard lables).
      In the (help) box , I want to display a value of that same record.

      More specific: there a table displayed where one of the values contains a sql statement. In stead of displaying the sql statement in the report, I would like to display the static text "sql" with a link to display the actual sql statement in a popup (help?) box (without leaving the page). Is there any way to do this?



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          An update:
          I found the function "popupFieldHelp" in the js files from Apex:
                              var d=apex.jQuery("#apex_popup_field_help");
                                   d=apex.jQuery('<div id="apex_popup_field_help">'+c.helpText+"</div>");

          In want to copy this into a page body with an new function name; but I would like to get out the part where the function retrieves the help text (the jQuery) and replace it by a fixed [div] [div] html part.
          Does anyone know how to get the query out of this function?

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