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    Proxy Service is not processing a request from remote server using SFTP


      I have a proxy service using SFTP connection that watches a remote server folder. Whenever a new file is produced within this specific folder, the proxy gets this file using a SFTP connection and run a transformation before calls another web service using publish to send this new request.

      This solution is working good. My only concern is that when I ran some performance tests, I created 45 files inside that remote folder and I was hoping to see all of them processed by this proxy. Unfortunately, only 42 of them were processed by the proxy. The other 3 were on the remote folder with the "filename.stage" name. I supposed that this files were being processed, but after 1 hour these files had not been consumed yet. So I decided to restart the WL server, and when it was up again 2 of the 3 stage files were processed. So I restarted again the WL and finally I got all 45 files processed.

      So, my question is: Is there any configuration I can set up on this proxy to read properly, no matter the number of files exists on the remote directory? Because I don't want to restart the WL server in production a lot of times per day

      I'm using Proxy Read Limit = 3, I know if I increase this number I can solve my 45 requests problem. But even if I change to 10, I'm not sure if I will not have the same problem if I have 300 requests to process.

      Following the proxy configuration:

      Proxy Service Configuration (Infolease/1_0/ProxyServices/Contract/ILSendBookingConfirmationPS)

      Edited: Using OSB11G WL 10.3.3 and the requests have 1K of size

      General Configuration

      Service Type Any XML Service
      Transport Configuration

      Protocol ftp
      Endpoint URI ftp://ausaxdfsdev01.us.dell.com/../../info/prod/onesource/export
      Get All Headers No
      FTP Transport Configuration

      Service Account Infolease/1_0/ServiceAccount/InfoleaseSA
      Timeout 120
      File Mask *.XML
      Scan SubDirectories false
      Pass By Reference false
      Remote Streaming false
      Post Read Action archive
      Archive Directory c:\davi\UpdateBookingILContractStatus\archive
      Download Directory c:\davi\UpdateBookingILContractStatus\download
      Error Directory c:\davi\UpdateBookingILContractStatus\error
      Retry Count 10
      Polling Interval 30
      Read Limit 3
      Sort By Arrival false
      Transfer Mode binary
      Request encoding utf-8
      Message Handling Configuration

      Transaction Required Disabled
      Same Transaction For Response Disabled
      Content Streaming Disabled

      Thanks in advance,

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