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    Streams and Memory Allocation

      I am on and have enabled Automatic Memory management. We have also allocated 500MB to Streams Pool size. Here are the database parameters -

      sga_target = 15G
      pga_aggregate_target = 2G

      Although it started with 500MB but at one point, SGA got allocated 20G of memory out of total 25G but out of this 20G, 13G was allocated to streams_pool_size.

      Looking at the views it looks like Shared pool needs more memory and streams is only using 13% of this 13G but still Streams is not dynamically giving back free memory to Shared pool.

      Question -

      Is this how Streams should be holding back memory and not releasing it back. If yes, how can I flush the memory back to SGA if I know the Streams is using just fraction of what it is holding.