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    Work Manager - Default and Global Work Manger - Which one get used  ?

      Hi All,

      We have defined a Global Work Manager "snet.app.workManager", so all the application deployed on Server uses that has a template and create their own work manager. In console, I am able to see global work manager as well as work manager name "default".

      On hitting a request to application, I can see the count getting increased for both of them "snet.app.workManager" as well as for "Default".

      We have defined the dispatch-policy for JSP/Servlets and EJB to point to snet.app.workManager.

      We are not getting what kind of request is "Default" work Manager serving then ? Ideally only the count of snet.app.workManager should increase.

      How can we monitor what kind of requests are served by each work Manager via Admin Console ?

      Please help us..!!!

      Thanks and Regards,
      Rahul Chheda.