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    How to enable ADF security for a WebCenter Portlet


      I have deployed a UCM Search portlet on Webcenter Spaces. But it is only able to search the documents of SecurityGroup "Public" in UCM and user is coming as "anonymous".
      I want the Porlet to be able to search all the documents for "weblogic" user. Same user creadentials used across all the the webcenter/ucm etc ...

      In order for the Webcenter login page to propagate user credentials to these Portlet pages so that portlet can all the documents in UCM, I want to configure ADF security.
      Does anyone have the detailed steps to configure the ADF security specific to WebCenter Portlet application ?

      In general ADF applications (without webcenter portlet), "Identity propagation happens through the login page. On a successful login, same user credentials are propagated to retrieve the content for the Search.jspx page. This is done by configuring the Search.jspx page to "pages.xml". I mean, once you configure the Search.jspx page on pages.xml with the required grants Page will be visible once you login to portal from login.jspx."

      But when we load the portlet from WebCenter, I am not sure how the identity propagation happens to portlet ? I believe, this is through ADF security. Can someone help in creating these steps to configure ADF security specific to Portlets?