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    Can you create virtual machine on Sunfire V880


      I just received two Sun Fire V880 servers. But my current version of the application does not run on Solaris, and run only on Redhat 5.5 or Windows. The application Opnet is not a multi-threaded app, and use only one cpu with lots of ram, based on how big the network it is trying to analyze.

      Sun Fire V880 Server Maximum Configuration Specifications & Features
      Up to 8 750MHz, 900MHz, 1.0GHz or 1.2GHz UltraSPARC III processors, 64-bit
      Up to 64GB of memory
      PN 602-2448-01

      Can someone tell me whether I can use Sun Fire V880, and create a Virtual machine and install redhat 5.5 on it.

      This below release note for VM does not list Sun Fire V880 as one HW that is possible to run VM.

      Second part of the question.
      If it is supported will it have much lower performance than running under Solaris ?

      Thanks in advance for a response.