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    Smart URLS for Agile 9.3.1


      I am trying to get the smart url for doc attached to item. I reviewed the SDK documentation. However in 9.3.1 there is no getshortcut menu.

      Also i would like to arrive at the URL by the following method, which the sdk says its possible.


      I do not want the GetShortcut link as the URL is going to be generated.

      Anyone have any experience with this?

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          I would like to do the same to be able to access a parts Manufacturer page from another tool so that all the manyfacturers specs. can be accessed. Doesn't make sense to download all the specs when they are in Agile. The actions->copy URL to clipboard works but it's manual. The SDK says there is a simple URL that follows a standard format but it ends there. It would be nice to find it as a search category or generate it from a common path.