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    win32com Com Port

      Hi All,

      I have an application which is communicating to money counter device through serial port communication.

      I'm using the Singed Applet.jar in which I've customized the win32driver class in comm.jar to load initially from library path (java path) using System.loadlibrary(win32com) if its not there then it will try to load (System.load(..)) from path C:\windows\system\win32com.dll. These Applet.jar and comm.jar(my comm.jar) getting downloaded in client machine during run time and can able to load the win32com.dll from the above location. This is working fine in win-xp but this is not working in windows 7 machine. Since the win32com.dll is not there, so I have copied this dll to JAVA_HOME%\bin path now its working.

      Now my question is

      For Winows 7 client machine

      1. In case if win-7 is 32 bit then can i copy win32com.dll to %java_home%\bin path. Is it a right approach?
      2. In case if win-7 is 64 bit then can I use the RXTX.jar instead of comm.jar and RXTXSerial.dll instead of win32com.dll. Is is correct?

      Kindly clarify my doubts which will be helpful for me and also those searches for this

      Karthik Periasamy