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    Integration with GlassFish and IIS Question

      From the InstallConfigGuideCS.pdf of the Autovue documentation, it does not state Glassfish as a supported server. Can Oracle supply a best practices as to IIS/Glassfish integration to maintain authorization between servers. It mentions using ISAPI extensions. Are they referencing the AJP13 ISAPI module for Tomcat or do they provide a custom one for Glassfish.
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          Ricardo Av-Oracle
          You will definitively get more help by asking the glassfish guys directly
          But from what I know, and this is by no means a recommendation
          you are better with IIS7 and using ARR (Application Request Routing) see http://www.iis.net/download/ApplicationRequestRouting
          Cookies should be forwarded intact (of course make sure you disable the caching for it otherwise you will get obsolete JSESSIONID)