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    inetd services (telnet, rlogin ,rsh) in Solaris 9 Branded Zone


      I've got two Solaris 9 Branded Zones running on an M3000. They both use exclusive IP.

      When I try and telnet, rlogin or rsh to either of my Solaris 9 zones from the other I get an error. With the r* commands I get a "Protocol error" message, and telnet just reports a terminated connection. I've tried Mr. Google, the results I get make sense for a physical host - i.e Protocol Error would occur if the server executable (in.rlogind, etc) was somehow messed up.

      Just to complicate things slightly the exclusive IP NICs are on a physically separate switch from the other NICs.

      I'd forgotten that with the Branded Zones some native features are actually handled by the underlying global zone (i.e. Solaris 10).

      Anyway, has anybody else had this same problem and how did you resolve it?

      Tim Shaw.