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    /usr/bin/bash: Not enough space in solaris


      when I tried to run the unix command,
      for example ls => the application throws the error "/usr/bin/bash: Not enough space"
      if I restart the OS what happen



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          It seems like you are out of some sort of resources, probably out of memory.

          Rebooting might help, but it might be better to try and figure out what you are out of and why..

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            When I try to connect with serial port
            =>warning no swap space to grow stack for pid 329 (ttymon)

            and it is impossible to restart.

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              Then you are out of memory and swapspace. Which is a rather bad combination.

              With a bit of luck you could grow the swap space by creating a new file somewhere where you have space:

              To grow with 1g:
              mkfile 1g /path/to/newfile
              swap -a /path/to/newfile

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                You're in a very bad state because there is no space available to start any new process. It is best to try to determine what is causing the problem but to do that you're going to need to start somthing. Unless you can get to a window and kill something or somthing dies of its own accord you can't do much. Even you manage to free a bit of space, your memory hog could just grab whatever memory is available and you're back at square one.

                If you can get access to a running program and kill it off and run a quick ps -el so you can see what is gobbling space that would be great. Who knows, maybe you could then kill it. If not, you're probably stuck with something horribly unclean like resetting the machine to force a reboot while praying you don't damage any filesystems.

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                  rather than restarting OS I suggest you to boot your system in single user mode. and check for swap partition size.

                  Verify your swap size is enough capable to take the application/ db load on the machine.

                  if swap space is less you need to incrase swap parition size to cope up with current processing. if your disk is in mirror you need to perform those in all submirrors.

                  Reboot the OS in single user mode and u can check if fine. than u can go to multiuser mode.