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    Trouble installing Java EE 6

      Hi everybody, so I've just reinstalled my windows, installed java sdk 7 and now when I try to istall java ee 6 I get the following error:

      The application need version 1.6 or higher of the Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment. You can download it from ... OR IF you already have the required Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment installed, try RERUNNING this application with the following usage: 'java_ee_sdk_6u3_windows.exe'-j <Java(TM) isntallation directory>

      Although JRE comes with the JDK I downloaded the jre7 installer, reinstalled it but still get the error.
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          I am getting the same error.After searching through couple of forums i have found a some solutions that have done the trick.
          1. Identify your %JAVA_HOME% and ensure that they are registered in System Variables PATH & JAVA_HOME.
          2. Open a command Prompt and execute
          C:\java_ee_sdk-6u3-windows-x64.exe -J %JAVA_HOME% where %JAVA_HOME% indicates the path of the java JDK. (Do not include the path till bin).
          3. The installation Starts

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            Damn Oracle and their bundle packages. What you want to do is install the latest version of Glassfish which is what Oracle calls the "JEE6 SDK". Really, save yourself the effort and just install the software as it is intended to be installed.