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    Verify Mapping of the Territory Hierarchy View

      I'm performing a Territory Management upgrade from 11.5.8 to 12.1.3. As part of the verification tasks mentioned in the Oracle Upgrade Guide, "Territories mapped from 11i should show the appropriate territory type and should have an end date defaulted to +10 years from the start date if the territory did not previously have an end date. In addition:
      • All resources should have a transaction access level set to Full.
      • Self-service geographic territories are visible in the administrator territory hierarchy view, but administrators cannot modify them. All modifications must be made through the self-service UIs. F-4 Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Guide
      • Resources on escalation territories should be on the territory that the escalation territory was created for, with the resource access set to Escalation."

      Could you tell me how to perform the above verification tasks.