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    Hyperion Financial Reports batch reports and bursting documentation

      I hope this is the right forum for this -- I have been working with Oracle EPM's Financial Reports quite a bit for a project and really banged my head against the wall when it canme to implementing FR batch reports and burst batching.

      I did read the docs, more than once, and it would have been really nice if the following had been in the documentation somewhere:
      There are six kinds of Financial Reports documents typically encountered in a Planning implementation:
      1) Financial Reports – the base Essbase/Planning report
      2) FR Books – collections of FRs using, where applicable, a common POV to drive all reports within a book
      3) FR Batches – Objects that contain reports and books. A batch can contain a single report, multiple reports, a single book, multiple books, mixes of reports and books, etc.
      4) FR Scheduled Batches – Scheduler (Workspace has its own, reports-only scheduler) of FR Batches and their Books and reports. Scheduled objects can get written to Workspace folders, zip files, and emails.
      5) Burst batching – A way to parameterize scheduled batches and overload single dimension selections (only one dimension can be bursted and yes that is a strange word for it) with either manually selected members or members driven through imported burst files.
      6) Bursting files – These are comma-delimited files used to drive burst batching
      This could just be a snippet or an introduction to a chapter or whatever. Perhaps this was there all along and I just missed it, but I really looked. No one else should have to go through the pain of figuring out these definitions.


      Cameron Lackpour