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    CSI Developement Framework


      I am working on "INstall Base" and the pages are built using CSI framework.
      There is nothing mentioned in the internet regarding CSI framework.

      My requirement is,
      In "Additional Attributes" page, there is a result table region.
      The columns displayed here are "Name", "value" and "Category".
      "Name" and "Category" columns are read only.
      But the "Value" is input type.

      Now according to my requirement, I have to modify this "Value" column as a "Drop Down List".
      I am able to achieve this by making the changes in "TableDescriptor.property" file.

      But for me, the values which are going to be displayed in Drop down list should be dynamic.
      As in depending on the "Additional Atibute" name ie "Name" column in the table region, the values in the Drop Down has to be changed.

      I tried lot of turn arounds but nothing worked out.

      Please reply as it is very urgent.
      Thanks in advance.