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    Exadata Database Machine X2-2


      Our company is planning to invest in Oracle Exadata Database Machine. I have one query related to Database Licensing here.

      Does the price we will pay for FULL RACK Exadata Database Machine Include:

      1) Oracle 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition
      2) Oracle ASM
      3) Oracle RAC
      4) Oracle RMAN
      5) Oracle DataGuard

      Anyother software component ?

      Please let me know as I have seen document which says it does...but wants to know from guys like you who are using it at the moment :)

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          These are questions that your friendly Oracle sales representative is best qualified to answer.

          Greg Rahn
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            I have had the opportunity to work with Exadata at 2 companies.
            You should theoretically get all of the options.

            However with #5 on your list there will be an extra cost of you decide to use active dataguard.
            If you plan on just keeping the standby up-to-date then you should be covered.

            These are good questions you need to ask your Oracle Account Rep or a member of the ACS group who would do the actual installation.

            For OEM you'll also be covered to use any of the grid control plugins specific to Exadata.

            - Wilson
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              I think that you will need

              6) Partitioning license too.

              I'm new Sales and Pre-Sales Exadata Solution... but

              I had some prospections for some customers... and include it...


              Marcelo Coura.