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    Scrollbar function on multi record block

      In Forms 11g, (6i as well), on a multi record, let's say 10 records, when you click the up/down arrow on the scroll bar,
      there is no trigger to track this event, unless you the current(cursor) record changes.
      For example, the cursor is in the 5th record(highlighted as current record), you click the down arrow, the highlighted current record goes up to 4th position, the 11th records which was not visible moves to 10th position. I need to know what trigger can catch this event. when-new-record-instance does not fire. the when-mouse-click does not fire. what else...

      does anyone know how to catch this event? or any trigger fires on some value change, like the top_record in get_block_property(). or any other work around for this. Thanks in advance.