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    [11i] Forms Perso : Updating a DFF at PO_LINES level in the PO screen

      In the PO screen (POXPOEPO), I'd like to maintain some consistency between 3 dates fields at PO_LINE level, according to some business rules, with Forms Perso.
      2 dates fields are the standard ones, PROMISED_DATE and NEED_BY_DATE, the third one is a DFF ATTRIBUTE1

      e.g : If I modify the PROMISED_DATE, I'm using the PO_LINES.NEED_BY.NEW_ITEM_INSTANCE to modify the 2 other fields.
      With an action "Property", Object Type = "Item" and PO_LINES.NEED_BY.Value = '...' or PO_LINES.ATTRIBUTE1.Value = '...'
      It works for the NEED_BY_DATE field, it is correctly updated.
      But the DFF ATTRIBUTE1 is cleared instead of being updated ? With the same code as the NEED_BY_DATE field

      If someone has any experience in modifying DFF with Forms Perso, I would like to understand why I obtain such a behavior, and if possible have some tips about doing what I'd like to do.

      Take care,